Saima is very knowledgeable, I cannot tell you how her diet program has changed my life. Every follow up she would patiently listen to your questions and concerns and put you at ease with the right information. She doesn't watch the clock but talks to you as a friend, not only have I been able to lose weight but I have developed lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Dr. Sanai

Many thanks for all your help and guidance as can find lot of improvement in my health. Really impressed by the way you look into minute details regarding a person's health and above all the follow up from you on a regular basis.

Gurmit Singh

A perfect dietician who flipped my life from impossible to possible, frankly speaking she has the ability to make u perfect. Not only I lost weight, but with her diet my pcos symptoms reversed & I was able to conceive. I would like to recommend everyone who are looking for a dietitian


I had many medical problems like hypertension and high cholesterol levels due to my nature of work and lifestyle. After I met Saima I learnt how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Saima did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. Through Saima I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that being healthy is more important.

Susan Babu

My mother who is Para supra nuclear palsy (PSP) patient was around 50kg when she got discharged from the hospital but I am really grateful to Saima for helping her gain weight and her degenerative symptoms have also stabalized.

Mrs Shivani Goyal

Dear Saima, Your advices have been very helpful to us. Especially during the initial chemotherapy. You advised us really well during diarrhoea & you even told us a lot of recipes when my mother had mucositis and when she was not able to eat anything. You have really helped us during this journey of battling cancer.


I'm grateful for your interventions. My weight has gone up by 6kg & my haemoglobin levels have also raised. Energy levels are good. Also I've managed to go on one trek each Sunday for the past month.

Sindhuri Rao

Had a great experience with Saima! These are some of the best parts of being her client:
1.Her involvement, she is genuinely concerned and caring
2. Inclusion of simple easy to cook food which doesn’t put pressure on the one cooking
3. Saw actual results on paper in the cholesterol level and the prediabetic sugar values came within normal range.Would 100% recommend her!

Ira Joglekar

Saima is a very knowledgeable dietician and nutritionist and knows a variety of diets including Ketogenic therapy. She will prescribe the diet exactly as per your needs and which can fit into your schedule. She is also very approachable and will answer your queries anytime.

Binita Naik

I highly recommend Saima as Nutritionist as she has thorough knowledge and expertise in this profession. She helped me to reduce my weight during Lockdown effectively and healthy way.

Suraj Ranbhor