Gain it to maintain it

If you are looking for gaining weight & have tried all those protein supplements, ended up overeating & still not achieved desired results is because each body is different & needs nutritional assessment in order to learn the rationale behind your health status.
In our program Gain it to maintain it we work towards first assessing you & then coming up with a healthy conclusion.
This program works on the idea of scientific, healthy & adequate weight gain.
Focus on healthy weight gain and be patient while you are in a weight gain program as it’s easy to cut on fats but takes time to add on muscles.
Remember, it took 9 months to give you around 3 kg’s of weight while birth
The consultation starts only after examining your health records (Blood reports, medical records, family history etc.)
Depending on your habits, work routine, lifestyle we work towards planning a customized meal plan which also favor’s your current food choices.
The meal plans are simple, easy to implement and highly effective.
The positive change in your eating habit starts from the 1st consultation itself.
In the last session you are taught about the art of balancing the meals, to ensure you gain weight healthily.

Ideal For

Anybody who wants to gain & to maintain it in a healthier manner.

Services Include

  • Personalized meal plans
  • Consultation with the Dietitian
  • Healthy & tasty recipes
  • Exercise guide
  • WhatsApp /call support
  • Continuous assessment and guidance
  • Travel guide/ restaurant guide/ festival guide
  • Eat smart guide
  • Daily motivational messages