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Best Dietitian For Diabetic Diet In Navi Mumbai

Looking for the best dietitian specializing in diabetic diets in Navi Mumbai?

Your search ends here! Dietitian Saima offers top-notch diabetic nutrition guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Managing diabetes through diet is crucial, and Dietitian Saima is your trusted expert. With extensive experience in crafting personalized meal plans and lifestyle strategies, she ensures effective management while never compromising on taste or satisfaction.

At shop no. 101 Anant society, above Vodafone store Sector 4 Kharghar, Navi Mumbai 410210.

,Dietitian Saima provides comprehensive consultations, focusing on understanding your lifestyle, preferences, and specific health concerns. Get ready for a personalized approach that empowers you with the tools to take control of your diabetes.

Why Choose Dietitian Saima? With a commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in diabetic nutrition, she employs evidence-based techniques, ensuring you receive the most effective and modern guidance available.

Ready to take charge of your health? Book an appointment with Dietitian Saima today! Contact and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced life with diabetes.

Don’t let diabetes hold you back. Trust Dietitian Saima to provide the expert guidance you need for a happier, healthier lifestyle managing diabetes.

Discover the Finest Dietitian for Diabetic Diet in Navi Mumbai

Finding the ideal dietitian to guide and support your diabetic diet journey in Navi Mumbai is crucial for managing your health effectively. At Healthy U turn, we specialize in providing tailored dietary plans and expert guidance to help you navigate diabetes with confidence.

Tailored Solutions for Diabetes Management
Personalized Dietary Plans
Our approach begins with understanding your unique needs. Our experienced dietitians craft personalized dietary plans that revolve around your lifestyle, preferences, and health goals, ensuring a comprehensive and effective strategy for managing diabetes.

Holistic Approach
We don’t just focus on food. Our holistic approach encompasses various facets of diabetes management, including stress management techniques, exercise routines, and lifestyle adjustments, all designed to complement your dietary plan.

About me

I am a Clinical Dietitian, Ketogenic Diet Expert, Diabetic Educator & a Nutripreneur

"My goal is to not only advice you a healthy diet appropriate for you but also aid in making it accessible and realistic to you."

I am a person who loves playing with different ingredients & carving them into a lip-smacking yet healthy dish! My hobby of experimenting with ingredients made me pursue my graduation in Food Science & nutrition. During the 3 years of graduation, I realized that food does more to our body than just providing satiety & satisfaction. I went on building up interest in the area of clinical nutrition & and pursued Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from the most renowned SNDT women’s University, Juhu Mumbai. I am a member of the Indian Dietetic Association.



Work Experience & Expertise

I have helped 100+ clients in managing their weight, PCOS & diabetes. I have 4 years of extensive experience working with the pioneer of the Ketogenic diet in Asia, Dr. Janak Nathan. During my tenure working with him, I got to learn the science behind how the Ketogenic diet aids in treating uncontrolled epilepsy.  

My area of expertise includes planning different forms of Ketogenic diets for epileptic, autistic & cancer patients. I also provide nutrition consultation for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Ataxia, Para-supra nuclear palsy, Multiple sclerosis, etc. I am also associated with the BMN College of Home Science- Matunga, Mumbai as a faculty at a short-term course in nutrition. During my days of learning, I interned at King Edward Memorial Hospital where I counseled patients with cardiac conditions, diabetes, kidney dysfunctions, tuberculosis, etc. At Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel Mumbai I’ve got hands-on experience in nutrition for cancer patients

Modes of Consultation

Best Dietitian For Diabetic Diet In Navi Mumbai

Being a Dietitian I do not want to restrict my clients/ patients only to the calories proteins & carbohydrates of any food but in an enjoyable way guide them how to cherish & enjoy the experience of healthy eating.

A healthy start is not always just through following a diet plan; it begins when you learn the Art of Eating Right.

In the hustle & bustle of life people miss out on the most important aspect of their life that is Food or land up making wrong choices, hence I came up with an in person as well as virtual health & wellness consultation.

Healthy U Turn, has its first in-person consulting clinic at Kharghar. People who stay in and around Mumbai can come & meet me. For people staying in other areas of Mumbai, India, or overseas, can connect with me virtually through your phone or by e-mail and  I will guide you through the process of getting healthy 

“I am on a diet” has become quite a trend over the decade but the word diet has a lot of breeze around it. I look forward to the overall development of an individual by first learning their lifestyle, eating pattern & then designing a customized nutrition meal plan which fits in their routine.

“The best way to be healthy is just by taking a U- turn from unhealthy eating


What My Clients Say

“The best way to be healthy is just by taking a U- Turn from unhealthy eating!!”

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