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Different Names for Sugar

Sugar goes by countless names — many of which you may not recognize. Food manufacturers use this to their advantage by purposely adding many different types of sugar to their products to hide the actual amount. To avoid accidentally consuming a lot of sugar, watch out for the following names of sugar in ingredient lists:
Types of Sugar:
Brown sugar, buttered sugar, cane sugar, caster sugar, coconut sugar, date sugar, golden sugar, inverted sugar, evaporated cane juice, and confectioner's sugar.
Types of Syrup:
Golden syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, malt syrup, maple syrup.
Other added Sugar:
Barley malt, molasses, cane juice crystals, lactose, corn sweetener, crystalline fructose, malt powder, ethyl maltol, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, galactose, glucose, disaccharides, maltodextrin, and maltose.
If you see any of these in the top spots on the ingredients lists — or several kinds throughout the list — then the product is high in added sugar.